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Recovery of the European bison

European bison in the Țarcu Mountains, Southern Carpathians, Romania.

European bison in the Țarcu Mountains, Southern Carpathians, Romania.
Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

Project name: Urgent actions for the recovery of European Bison populations in Romania
Acronym: LIFE RE-Bison
Reference code: LIFE14 NAT/NL/000987
Duration: 5 years. Start date 01.01.2016. End date 30.03.2021
Total budget: 1,816,991 euros
EU contribution: 1,362,735 euros

Latest news:

  • LIFE Bison Project presented in Bucharest, Romania

    1. November 2016

    Last Friday, the LIFE project “Urgent actions for the recovery of European Bison populations in Romania” (LIFE Bison) held its opening ceremony at the “Grigore Antipa” Natural History Museum in Bucharest, Romania. The project works to build a viable population of the European bison in the Tarçu Mountains Natura 2000 site in the Southern Carpathians. …

  • Fresh camera trap images from Bison Hillock

    16. September 2016

    The reintroduction of bison in the Romanian Țarcu Mountains, which began in 2012 with a partnership between WWF-Romania and Rewilding Europe, is running at full speed, with 20 individuals already roaming freely 200 years after their disappearance from these lands. Through the LIFE Bison project funded by the EU, we aim at creating a viable …

  • Holograms explaining the bison behaviour and impact on nature in Romania

    24. August 2016

    The Bison Visitor Centre in Armeniș, Țarcu Mountains, Romania, is now presenting scientific data about the bison in a playful and immersive way. It has the biggest holographic projection in Europe with two more installations that were built at the crossroads between art and technology. The data feed, animating the installations, is being continuously collected …

  • Third bison release in the Southern Carpathians, Romania

    13. June 2016

    This Saturday, after 3000 km of travelling, ten more European bison originating from Belgian and German zoos and wildlife centres arrived at the Țarcu Mountains in the southern part of Romania. This group joined the herds Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania released here in 2014 and 2015, making one more step towards creating a viable wild bison …

  • Southern Carpathians combining rewilding and technology

    24. March 2016

    This year a new project started in the Southern Carpathians called “Wilderness Innovation Lab”, co-financed by a grant from the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged EU. The aim of the project is to help tell the story of bison reintroductions in real time through multimedia installations in the Southern Carpathians Visitor Centre. The centre is …

  • LIFE Bison and LIFE Vultures projects kicked-off

    19. February 2016

    A major gathering of nature conservation organisations took place this week in Haskovo, Bulgaria. Members from Rewilding Europe, Rewilding Rhodopes, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/Birdlife Bulgaria, WWF Romania, WWF Greece, Vulture Conservation Foundation and Hellenic Ornithological Society/BirdLife Greece gathered for the kick-off meetings and training sessions of two LIFE funded projects that officially …