ARK Nature

ARK Nature is one of the founding partners of Rewilding Europe and it is involved together with Rewilding Europe in many joint actions and initiatives. ARK Nature is an innovative nature conservation organization based in The Netherlands that aims to demonstrate in practice how changes in society can provide new opportunities for nature and landscape.

The ARK team in the Oder Delta, 2014.

The ARK team in the Oder Delta, 2014.


ARK Nature is convinced that more room for nature in our thoughts and actions will improve the quality of life, for man and for nature alike. Robust, spontaneous nature is essential for plants and animals, but also for the economy and all people’s well-being.

One carrying vision for ARK Nature is that vast, dynamic areas of nature, in which nature is allowed to take care of itself and the natural processes can go their own way, result in an unprecedented richness in landscapes and its connected flora and fauna. Nature needs to be much more socially and economically embedded within our society. ARK Nature is certain that greater areas of spontaneous, accessible nature will make people’s lives better.

ARK Nature supported Rewilding Europe through a Project grant from the Dutch Postcode Lottery (2012 – 2015) and by providing capacity from its own organisation to support the rewilding component, including support to the European Wildlife Bank and the European Rewilding Network.

The partnership between ARK Nature and Rewilding Europe was renewed on 26 January 2016 for a next period of three years (2016-2018). Read more here.