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Artists for Nature Foundation

Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF), established in 1990, is a unique, non-profit organisation that uses the creative output of artists producing paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures, inspired and mostly created on location by renowned and talented artists from all over the world as a medium to draw attention to the need for nature to be appreciated as an essential element of sustainable development. ANF is proud of its 14 successful projects on 4 continents involving over 130 artists that it has planned, facilitated, raised funds for, project managed and completed with great success – and to great acclaim. ANF acts as a catalyst for nature conservation and is not itself a formal nature conservation organisation.

ANF typically draws the attention of policy- and decision-makers to the natural world by enabling groups of influential and talented artists to capture the spirit of endangered landscapes and species in their natural habitat. Professionally mounted exhibitions of their artworks, DVD’s and books that tell the story of each project and place have become collector’s items that show and tell the stories of the specific area. ANF always works together with local schools in the project areas. The artists take the pupils and their teachers out in the field and point out the special elements e.g. characteristic plants or trees, birds, livestock and wildlife. Side by side the pupils paint and draw with the artists in the open air and later back in the classroom they work together on mono prints or a mural.