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  • Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Britain join forces (News)

    4. August 2017

    This summer, Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Britain signed a ‘Collaborative Rewilding Agreement’, marking the start of a shared intent to coordinate their rewilding and communication activities and to enhance the understanding, support and implementation of rewilding in Britain and Europe. The signing took place at the Knepp Castle Estate in West Sussex, one of the rewilding …

  • Days of the jackal (News)

    20. July 2017

    Golden jackal numbers are now increasing in the Danube Delta. Rewilding Europe has undertaken a preliminary local study to examine jackal behaviour and gauge people’s attitudes towards this resilient carnivore. With its large cities, modern infrastructure network and extensive areas under intensive agriculture, Europe would seem an unlikely place for a large carnivore comeback. Yet …

  • Ode to the European bison (Blog)

    13. July 2017

    On April 24 this year, one of the first members of the European Rewilding Network – the European Bison Project in Kraansvlak – celebrated its 10 year anniversary. In this blog, European Rewilding Network Exchange Officer and bison project coordinator Yvonne Kemp shares an inspirational story about the developing relationship between European bison and the people …

  • Oder Delta team members enjoy productive springtime socialising (Blog)

    7. July 2017

    This spring proved to be a very interactive one for Rewilding Europe’s Oder Delta team. During the Wild Ways event in Amsterdam in mid-April we began by sharing experiences and insight with the wider Rewilding Europe web – members of the supervisory board, Rewilding Europe Circle, senior management, central team and local rewilding teams. Iwona …

  • Faia Brava educational camp proves a wild success (News)

    3. July 2017

    At Rewilding Europe we believe that connecting young people with wild nature can inspire them to conserve and enhance it. The success of two, three-day educational camps, held inside northern Portugal’s Faia Brava Nature Reserve last October and this April, was therefore heartening for all involved. Running from October 14 to 16 and April 21 …

  • Rewilding stories: A continent in motion (Blog)

    19. June 2017

    Rewilding Europe is creating space for natural processes like forest regeneration, free flowing rivers, herbivory and carnivory to impact ecosystems. Across the continent, the interaction of these processes leads to constantly evolving landscapes rather than fixed habitats. A forest today can be a grassland over time, and vice versa. Understanding this dynamic is the key to preserving Europe’s …

  • More vultures equipped with satellite transmitters in the Rhodope Mountains (News)

    5. June 2017

    Ten griffon vultures (nine adults and one juvenile) in Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains were fitted with satellite transmitters at the end of May. These will provide critical data on the distribution, migration and possible threats to the birds, enhancing conservation of the species in the region. The transmitters were fitted as part of the LIFE Vultures …

  • The Danube Delta rewilding area expands into Ukraine (News)

    30. May 2017

    Rewilding Europe is delighted to announce that rewilding activities in the spectacular Danube Delta, Europe’s second largest wetland, will now extend into Ukraine. This follows the signing of a partnership agreement with Rewilding Ukraine, a newly established local NGO. Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Ukraine signed up to a five-year partnership in April, agreeing to work …

  • Lords of the Rhodopean Skies: a new wildlife exhibition takes off in Sofia (News)

    25. May 2017

    A visually stunning new exhibition, showcasing the natural wonders of the Eastern Rhodopes, is wowing visitors by making the Bulgarian capital Sofia a wilder place. Titled “Lords of the Rhodopean Skies”, it features 32 images depicting some of the most astonishing natural sights of the Rhodope Mountains rewilding area. With the event organised under the …

  • Protected: Trust & terminology: leveraging the lexicon of rewilding (Uncategorized)

    22. May 2017

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