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  • Second shipment of Tauros arrives in the Danube Delta (News)

    15. November 2017

    The successful translocation saw a second group of ten Tauros join the existing herd, which arrived in the Danube Delta in 2015. Crossbreeding with local breeds should result in a free roaming, well-adapted herd of bovines that will shape a biodiverse, naturally grazed delta landscape.    A new shipment of Tauros arrived safely in the Danube …

  • Second generation of Tauros now grazing in Lika Plains (News)

    9. June 2016

    This Wednesday, 20 Tauros safely arrived at the spectacular Lika Plains, Velebit rewilding area in Croatia, where they will join the existing herd in the largest Tauros breeding site of Rewilding Europe. Here, through natural grazing, wild-living herds of Tauros and horses restore natural processes. The impact of bovines on the landscape is already visible, …

  • Webinar: European Rewilding Network about natural grazing of large herbivores (News)

    21. December 2015

    The ninth web-based seminar of the European Rewilding Network took place on December 14th. This time, attendants active in various rewilding sites throughout Europe shared experiences in restoring natural grazing as a key ecological process by bringing back free roaming and wild-living large herbivores. The event focused in particular on horses and bovines, including the …

  • New Tauros breeding site opened in the Danube Delta, Romania (News)

    22. October 2015

    On Friday 16th October, the arrival of a herd of bovines to the Danube Delta rewilding area marked the launch of the third breeding site of the Tauros Programme. After a complex logistical operation and a very long barge cruise down the Danube River, the animals arrived safely at the breeding site location, receiving a …

  • 2012 – when the Tauros started growing wings (Blog)

    9. January 2013

    With the New Year just arrived, it is time to look back at 2012, a year in which the Tauros Programme certainly took a flight. Above all, a communications flight. We can just stare in wonder at the response from the international media on what we are doing. For example, extensive coverage in the 2012 …

  • The comeback of the European icon (News)

    8. November 2012

    Rewilding Europe and the Taurus Foundation have today signed a long-term agreement about helping to preserve biodiversity in Europe through a breeding programme to bring back a functional, wild version of the Aurochs. The Aurochs is the ancestor of all domestic cattle in the world and was for hundreds of thousands of years a keystone-species …

  • Rewilding partners (Page)

    10. February 2014