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  • Dung beetles can tell us a lot about the natural history of Europe (Blog)

    2. April 2014

    Was Europe once dominated by closed-canopy forests, or instead rather by a mosaic landscape with a mixture of open and wooded areas, shaped by large numbers of wild large herbivores? This has long been debated but a recent study of beetle fossils in Great Britain, indicates that both opinions are probably right. The study was …

  • Wild horses released in Western Iberia rewilding area (News)

    27. July 2012

    A herd of 24 Retuerta horses, coming from the Doñana biological station in southern Spain, were released in the Campanarios de Azaba reserve on July 27. The release was possible thanks to the Rewilding Europe initiative and the collaboration between the Nature and Man Foundation (FNYH) and the Doñana Biological Station. FNYH released twenty-four Retuerta horses …

  • Why did Aurochs and Wisent disappear (Blog)

    19. September 2011

    Why did the Aurochs and Wisent/European bison disappear from large parts of Europe, and in some areas already thousands of years ago? I recently visited the tiny zoological museum in the old university town of Lund, in the Southern Swedish province of Skåne. It is a real, early 1900s-style zoological museum, with bones, skeletons and …