Wild and free horses

Rewilding Europe is working to bring back the wild horse to where it once belonged, into the European landscapes, where it used to be a vital part of the ecosystem for hundreds of thousands of years.

Wild horses speak to our imagination as symbols of freedom and wild spirit. The last European wild horse died as late as in 1909. Before that, wild horses roamed through most of Europe’s ecosystems; from deserts, steppes and savannahs to deep forests and high mountains. It was exterminated and domesticated by our ancestors. Therefore, even though the original wild horse is now gone, there are still millions of horses around, and some horse breeds to this day carry on most of the gene material of the original wild horse. Many of them also live a semi-wild life already, exposed to wild challenges that are step by step refining and bringing back the wild, original traits in them.

Support the return of the European wild horse, like in Croatia, Bulgaria and Portugal.

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For donations above €2000, please contact us for specific arrangements we can offer you. You can also choose to donate through the tax-efficient funding structures that have been set up for Rewilding Europe in the Netherlands, as a not-for-profit foundation.