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Rewilding Europe now offers the perfect opportunity for you to become an active part of the rewilding movement in Europe by supporting the actions that we are working on. Come experience how great is it to see nature bouncing back! As a token of our appreciation we will thank you with a nature-related gift or even invite you to spend a day in the field with Rewilding Europe team in one of our rewilding areas!

Choose your favourite wild cause

Bison in the Bieszczady Mountains, Eastern Carpathians, Poland

Return of the bison

The bison is not only endangered and in strong need of more space to roam, it is also a keystone species in Europe’s ecosystems. We work with many partners to bring back the European bison to its ancestral lands by establishing new wild bison populations in our rewilding areas.

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Wild konik horses in the Oder Delta rewilding area

Wild and free horses

Wild horses speak to our imagination as symbols of freedom and wild spirit. Rewilding Europe is working to bring back the wild horse to where it once belonged, into the European landscapes, where it used to be a vital part of the ecosystem for hundreds of thousands of years.

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White-tailed eagle

Bringing back the eagles

These eagles are not only spectacular and wonderful birds; they are also an indispensible part of our ecosystems. We are working to protect and support the comeback of some magnificent eagle species, like the white-tailed eagle, the Bonelli’s eagle and the Eastern Imperial eagle.

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Wild Wonders of Europe outdoor exhibition in Stockholm, 2013

Interest in the wild

One of the main objectives in our work is to create pride, public support, and a more positive attitude amongst the wider public and. We need your support to continue our communications efforts, spread the message and engage with people of all strands of society.

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Bear advocate Matteo Simonicca learning how to set up a trail camera

Cameras: Eyes in the wild

Wildlife cameras help us to monitor and obtain critical data about wildlife and their habitats and are needed in our daily work in all of our rewilding areas. Wildlife cameras not only help our rewilding work but they also spot wildlife crime and we can stop it before it happens.

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Danube Delta rewilding area

Children – hope for nature

For all conservation work to be successful, we need to address the young generation directly, on their terms and through actions that they appreciate. Rewilding Europe develops youth education programmes and activities for children and youth in our rewilding areas.

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Let’s make Europe
a wilder place

People around the world are supporting us – see why

Rewilding is the most beautiful idea I have ever seen in the world. The idea to bring back Europe some semblance of it’s past animals is breath-taking and desperately needed.
– Raleigh Latham

The European bison is an impressive animal and it deserves our efforts to establish it as an integral part of our European ecosystem in sufficient numbers.
– Roland Babilon

Sustainability is a key word for our ability to live off and on this planet. If the rewilding of Europe can be achieved it is a large step in a direction where it has become a reality.
– Niclas Ohlsson

A small symbolic amount just to feel like being part of it.
– Maarten Kleijne

I would love to see these guys roaming free all over Europe!
– Philip Parkes

I want to help in the restoration of the open landscape ecosystem of the east of Europe.
– Guido

Saving the wild life in Europe is something vital for our future and every European citizen should contribute to this.
– Anastasiya

Because if we don’t help, no one will, and because the result from the cause is here to stay for us and our children.
– Vladimir

wildlife comeback

We would like to say thank you


A big thank you from the Rewilding Europe team


A certificate showing you are rewilding Europe together with us


Computer wallpaper image from one of Europe’s best nature photographers
(+all of the above)


A copy of the Aurochs book
(+all of the above)


A day in the field with our team in one of the rewilding areas
(+all of the above)

For donations above €2000, please contact us for specific arrangements we can offer you. You can also choose to donate through the tax-efficient funding structures that have been set up for Rewilding Europe in the Netherlands, as a not-for-profit foundation.