Here you can download or purchase a wide range of publications from Rewilding Europe and about our different initiatives.

Wild10, The World Wilderness Congress, Salamanca, Spain

Staffan Widstrand / Wild Wonders of Europe


Publications about Rewilding Europe:

Executive summary

Rewilding Europe extensive brochure

6 fact sheets ( The European Rewilding Network, The European Wildlife Bank, The Rewilding Bison Action Plan, Rewilding Europe Capital, The Tauros Program, The Wild Horse Action Plan)

Rewilding Europe Annual Review

Wildlife watching hides design guide 1.0

Rewilding Europe also initiated and commissioned the first ever in-depth report about the remarkable wildlife comeback in Europe: ‘Wildlife Comeback in Europe’ describes how, why and where 37 mammal and bird species have recovered over the past 50 years, providing important lessons for the conservation of these and other species.

“The aurochs – born to be wild” is a unique 160-page book about this European icon and the ambitious plan to bring it back.

Proceedings of the symposium “Making Europe a Wilder Place” (held at WILD10)