Grzegorz Leśniewski / Wild Wonders of Europe

Our vision

European bison.

European bison.
Stefano Untherthiner / Wild Wonders of Europe

Few species symbolise the state of nature conservation in Europe as vividly as the European bison. Nearly extinct in the last century, it was rescued by passionate conservationists from the last animals in captivity, and although it is now benefiting from a growing environmental awareness, the European bison is still not out of danger and remains virtually unknown to the general public. There are fewer individuals of our largest European land mammal in the wild than there are black rhinos in Africa.

Our overall goal is to facilitate the recovery of the wild bison population from the south-west of Romania, where they disappeared from about 200 years ago. In this view, we’re going to establish two new sub-populations in the Țarcu and Poiana Ruscă Mountains, and create the conditions for these to migrate from one site to the other for genetic exchanges. To support this core conservation goal, we’re developing and using an ample monitoring and research programme to look into the evolution of the bison and their impact on the ecosystem, and the state of their habitats, as well as a bison-focused tourism development programme and an education programme targeted at kids and youth in the reintroduction sites.