Grzegorz Leśniewski / Wild Wonders of Europe

Main activities

Exploring the Southern Carpathian wilderness

Exploring the Southern Carpathian wilderness
Bogdan Comănescu/WWF-România

Conservation: Establishing two stable and interconnected bison sub-populations in the Țarcu Mountains (Bison Hillock area) and Poiana Ruscă Mountains (Bison Glade area).

Education: Developing a multi-disciplinary research programme together with national and international universities and think tanks. Developing and rolling out an education programme for the local youth in order to enrich their understanding of the bison and to open up professional opportunities for the future.

Eco-tourism: Developing innovative products and services for tourists worldwide, based on the bison and observation of other local wildlife.

Communications: Promoting the bison rewilding initiative and the benefits associated with its comeback for nature and communities alike, and motivating people to spend time in nature, in the south-western Romanian wilderness.