Explore the different ERN initiatives

  • Froxán Common Woodlands

    - Froxán (Lousame, Galicia)

    The Froxán Common Woodlands is a community land of 100 hectares. Over the past century, mining produced severe environmental degradation while invasive forest species, including Acacia and Eucalyptus, were also introduced. Restoration and rewilding efforts lead to recognition in the UN ICCA Registry.

  • SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

    - Scotland

    SCOTLAND: The Big Picture is a team of media professionals creating high-impact communications to inform and inspire.  Fusing ecological science with visual storytelling, our aim is to ignite fresh thinking around the benefits of a wilder Scotland. 

  • LIFE “Diversification and development of the European bison population in north-western Poland”

    - Area of West Pomeranian Voivodeship

    The project addresses the problems of low genetic diversity and population growth of European bison in north-western Poland. The main objectives are to create a model for bison population management in an area of intensive human economic activity, increase the European bison population and the bison habitat area in north-western Poland.


    - El Puertito de Adeje, Tenerife

    PROYECTO M.A.R.E.S. (Manejo de Áreas Reservadas y Ecosistemas para la Sostenibilidad – Reserved Areas Management and Ecosystems for Sustainability) is based on the recovery of the subtidal ecosystem in “El Puertito de Adeje” bay. The Sustainable Ocean Association in collaboration with a local dive center have recovered the balance of the original marine ecosystem thanks to …

  • Marker Wadden Restoration Project

    - Lake Marker (Markermeer), province of Flevoland, The Netherlands

    Marker Wadden restoration project, run by  Natuurmonumenten will restore Lake Marken (Markermeer), one of the largest freshwater lakes in Europe, by constructing islands, marshes and mud flats from the sediments that have accumulated in the lake in recent decades. Marker Wadden will boost biodiversity in the Netherlands. The project is aiming to restore an area of …

  • Dragoman Marsh Karst Complex Restoration Project

    - Situated along the 20 km long Chepan Mountain ridge, Bulgaria.

    The Dragoman Marsh Karst Complex is the only one of its kind in Bulgaria and one of the few on the Balkan Peninsula. The complex consists of limestone hills with depressions between them where wetlands are formed. The very rich biodiversity of the area has suffered from human activities and restoration works are necessary.

  • European bison introduction to Veluwe

    - Central Veluwe, The Netherlands

    The project in Veluwe, The Netherlands, focuses on providing space to roam for the still endangered European bison, allowing them to play their important role in this widely known nature area, while in the same time offering nature based tourism.

  • LIFE DINALP BEAR project

    - Dinaric Mountains and the Alps (Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria)

    The project focuses on the population level management and conservation of brown bears in the northern Dinaric Mountains and the Alps. It will establish population-level conservation, management and monitoring of brown bears across four countries. The variety of activities include non-lethal solutions to reduce human-bear conflicts, development of local-based bear ecotourism and promotion of natural expansion …

  • Oder Delta rewilding area

    - Oder Delta, Poland & Germany

    The Oder Delta rewilding area project aims to support the long-term comeback of its seven charismatic species, improve land use management, connect protected areas and help develop new economic models based on ecotourism and wildlife watching in partnership with landowners and local entrepreneurs.

  • Large carnivores monitoring – conservation in the Western Carpathians

    - Beskydy

    The project supports the natural recovery of wolves, lynx and bears in the Western Carpathians. Their return to the Czech and Slovak landscapes is slowed down by poaching, hunting and habitat fragmentation. Sound monitoring, better education and communication are the main activities of the project.