The Wild West of the Adriatic

Velebit is a dramatic mountain chain right on Croatia’s Adriatic coast, a stronghold for a number of charismatic mammal species in numbers rarely seen elsewhere in Europe and one of the wildest areas of the whole Mediterranean.

Safari options

  • Mountain Cottage Mons Baebius

    19. June 2016

    The Mountain of Velebit (or in Latin „Mons Baebius“) is the longest Croatian mountain, spreading about 145 km along the Adriatic coast. This is a beautiful region with rich preserved biodiversity protected as a Nature Reserve, with two national parks.    In 2008 Sandra and Radovan rebuilt and restored their old stone family house, originally …

  • Wild Horse Riding Adventure in Velebit

    4. May 2016

    Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is the only genuine working guest ranch in Croatia, surrounded by 200,000 hectares of the UNESCO Velebit Nature Park. The ranch, which is located within the Velebit rewilding area, offers a range of equestrian adventures through the picturesque mountains, valleys and coastal landscapes of Velebit. Guests will enjoy spectacular views, …

What to see

With the highest peak of 1.750 meters and stretching for 145 km in length it represents the largest limestone mountain in the world, the unique phenomenon of its kind, a creation that began 260 million years ago. The Velebit region is an exquisite and unusual place where the Adriatic Sea and the mountains meet with rich beech and black pine forests. Deep canyons that cut vertically into the Velebit ridge create unique karst relief with numerous caves and pits. Underground rivers running down the canyons and pouring down in the sea, deep caves, waterfalls and rivers cutting the mountain are silently waiting for you. Many people fall in love with Velebit for the rest of their lives.

Exciting wildlife like Balkan chamois, red deer, brown bear, wolf and lynx can be spotted here. Wild horses are gradually being reintroduced, while a Tauros breeding programme, Europe’s wild bovine, has started here. For birders, Velebit is home to over 100 species including soaring golden eagles, peregrine falcons, capercaillie, griffon vultures, white-backed woodpecker and the Ural owl.

Velebit is a paradise for all those looking for adventures in the wild, all those who want to explore the beauties of the world, for people who love nature and enjoy active holidays and outdoor activities. Tourism infrastructure is well developed in Velebit, especially along the turquoise waters of the Adriatic coastline, crisscrossed by stunning hiking trails and with accommodation ranging from remote overnight-tented camps to luxury apartments by the sea. You can combine time exploring the landscape with boat trips on the Adriatic, excursions to the famous waters of Plitvice Lakes National Park, horse riding, rock climbing, kayaking and more. New wildlife watching hides offer travelers the chance to see some of the remote mountain animals in their natural environment. You will be able to discover some of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of this region with natural attractions being amongst the best that Croatia has to offer. The whole mountain is protected as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Working with local partners committed to nurturing the wilderness and wildlife of Velebit, our safari trips show the best of the Velebit itself and beyond, with the aim to support rewilding and the local economy in a sustainable way.


Airport access: Zagreb (210 km – 2 hrs driving); Zadar (130 km – 1,5 hrs driving). The town of Gospic can be reached by train or bus from Zagred and Split. Zadar and Rijeka are served by coach bus. The area has good road access, you can either use the Adriatic magistral road (Jadranska Magistrala, E65) which runs along the coast or take the main motorway A-1, which runs from Zagreb through the valley to the east of Velebit.