Where bison roam free

Along the southern end of Romania’s arcing Carpathian Mountains, Rewilding Europe is helping to create one of the continent’s largest wilderness landscapes, a place to experience a true European safari.

This rugged mountain chain is a dramatic mix of almost untouched forests, beautiful rivers, rocky uplands and increasingly abandoned farmland. Over 1 million protected hectares host brown bears, wolves, chamois, wild cat and lynxes, still in relatively good numbers.

Under the stewardship of Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania, the stately European bison was reintroduced here in 2014 after two centuries of absence. The ultimate goal is to build a viable population of 300 free roaming bison by 2024, collectively acting as a keystone species that will create open grasslands through grazing, adding to Carpathian’s biodiversity.

Eco-tourism in the Carpathian Mountains encourages the continued protection and expansion of wilderness areas whilst providing much needed local income in the face of the farming downturn. Working with local partners, our tours will immerse you in this dramatic landscape, giving an insight into ongoing efforts in reintroducing the bison and a chance to observe some of Europe’s most magnificent species.


Airport access: the nearest airport is at Timisoara (180 km – 2 h driving), which has good connections with several European capitals. Road and other access: The area can be reached by car on national road DN6, European road E70 – 172 km from Timisoara to Baile Herculane, and 387 km from Bucharest to Baile Herculane. It’s also possible to get there by train (Baile Herculane, Caransebes or Lugoj railway stations). Another international airport which is relatively close is Sibiu (210 km – 2.5 h driving), which has very good connections with Germany and Austria.