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Only a stone’s throw away from Szczecin and Berlin there is a fantastic landscape of 250 000 hectares along the Polish-German border. Formed during the last glacial period some 10.000 years ago the unspoiled nature of wide coasts, rivers, forests and meadows is a true paradise for a unique rich fauna.

White-tailed sea eagle seen on a sea eagle safari tour in the Stettin lagoon, Poland

One of Oder Delta’s ‘Big Seven’ - white tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) Poland, Oder Delta rewilding area
Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe


Did you know that Oder Delta is one of the top places in Europe for watching white tailed eagles? You can discover flocks of wild European bison and the European beaver on guided tours. Elk and wolf inhabit heathlands and riparian forests. Many Red List species live in this pristine and largely undiscovered natural world. Amongst them are lesser spotted eagles, ospreys, aquatic warbler, whiskered terns, black storks, kingfishers and cranes.

You can discover this great landscape on guided walking tours or by solar powered boats and canoes. Going on a trip through tranquil river valleys and pastoral scenery one can discover many hidden treasures of wild nature.

Key species

Big Seven key species of the Oder Delta

Big Seven key species of the Oder Delta

Discover the Big Seven of the Oder Delta representing the key species living in the wild.  Spread the word that watching wild animals in Europe is possible.

The “Big Seven” are:

  • white-tailed eagle;
  • European bison;
  • European beaver;
  • elk;
  • wolf;
  • Atlantic sturgeon;
  • grey seal.

Also the Konik horse lives semi-wild in the meadows of the Oder Delta.

Natural and Cultural Attractions

The Oder Delta has much to offer, ranging from weekend trips to week-long holiday trips. An impressive cultural heritage invites you to discover the exciting history of former settlements of Slaves and Vikings, gothic churches and hanseatic towns.

Following the aftermath of the Second World War, 40 years of socialist management and just 25 years after the Wall was taken down, the Oder Delta has a wealth of history. The process of remembering regional history, honouring old traditions and the influx of people with alternative ideas on how to live have given many small villages a new, colourful identity.

The region has implemented an integrated network and quality management system to protect this unique landscape and to ensure that guests can have first-hand experiences contributing to the preservation of the protected areas. This makes the Oder Delta a unique destination for people seeking to enjoy pristine nature, active recreation and relaxation in the bosom of wild nature.

Guests can enjoy discovering the cultural heritage of the Slavic and Viking tribes and with the help of experienced guides and a little bit of luck might spot endangered species of mammals, birds and fish.


Airport: Berlin (ca. 200 km, 2 hours drive) or Szczecin-Goleniów

Train: there is a train every 2 hours from Berlin to Anklam, Pasewalk, Ueckermünde Stadthafen or Szczecin (around 2 hours train ride) (check Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket for 29 Euro for up to 5 persons traveling together)

Bus: a bus runs 9 times per day from Berlin-Szczecin-Berlin for 13 Euro each route (


Travel itineraries:

White-tailed Eagle Safari in the Oder Delta (Poland)

If you are interested in white-tailed eagles, this is the best place for you to explore the highest breeding densities of continental Europe. The 5 days/4 nights trip includes boat rides, walking and 4×4 car trips with an English speaking local guide. It is quite likely to see the white-tailed eagle hunt fish up to 50 m distance during the trip. More details here. The trip is on a special offer for the members of the Rewilding Europe Travel Club.

Safari to Otters and Beavers (Germany)

The Peene valley is well known for its large otter and beaver populations. It is estimated that 1000 beavers call the Peene valley their home. The 6 days/5 nights trip offers the best locations for watching these rare animals. The single trips are made by solar boats, canoes, cars and by foot accompanied by an experienced English speaking local guide. Your exquisite accommodation is a charming former manor house next to the river. A special offer on this trip for Rewilding Europe Travel Club members is coming up in early July 2015.

Salmon patrol in Oder Delta (Poland)

Book this tour, if you are interested in exploring the art of wild salmon and trout naturally breeding in streams. You will see wild Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout in their natural habitats, learn and get a hands-on experience on how to protect them from poaching and anthropogenic influence. The 5 days/4 nights trip includes watching/photo/video Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout, walking and 4×4 car trips with an English speaking local guide. A special offer on this trip for Rewilding Europe Travel Club members is coming up in early July 2015.