Achievements to date

Oder Delta became active as a rewilding area in June 2015

The Oder Delta rewilding area became the eighth Rewilding Europe area in June 2015. The local team is dedicated to carry out rewilding activities in Oder Delta according to the long-term vision and the Action Plan.

Mute swans

Scherer and Laventure used breeding birds as bioindicators of the ecological health of Linnunsuo.
Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe


Before the launch of the area as a part of Rewilding Europe initiative, a lot of work in the Oder Delta has been done to already, creating very good conditions for future rewilding work. The main achievements so far are listed below.

Wilder nature:

  • Wolinski National Park (10 000 ha) and further 4 000 ha of new reservations have been established by conservation authorities and different NGOs (PL)
  • Conservation project Peenetal has resulted in new rewilded areas of thousands of hectares (especially by reflooding areas) in the Anklamer Stadtbruch region, Peene Valley and Ueckermünder Heide. These were, realized by conservation authorities and different NGOs (D)
  • Several drainage plans for huge areas have been stopped (PL)
  • Wind farm plans in most parts of the region have successfully been stopped (PL, D)

Wildlife comeback

  • Trans boundary reproduction project of Baltic sturgeon started
  • Free moving bison bulls are entering the Oder Delta area from Drawsko/Mirosławiec magnification area, since new genetics have been brought in the area (2005), population is rising to 160 bison (2015)
  • Grey seals are back in the lagoon for the first time in 80 years
  • Increase of fish spawning areas in the region
  • Sea trout and wild salmon swim again in the lagoon (2014)
  • Elk and wolf reproduce in the area
  • White-tailed eagle population remained stable with highest breeding density in EU
  • Increase of beaver and otter populations
  • Different raptor (birds of prey) populations rise

Nature based economies

  • In Peene river sustainable nature tourism is already operational (solar boats, and wildlife watching tours to beavers, otters, birds) e.g. see
  • Workshops in Poland and Germany on nature-based tourism resulted in the development of the Big 7 Safari
  • White-tailed eagle safari, salmon patrols safari and beaver safari started and in continuous development
  • Cooperation with transboundary enterprise network installed

Interest in the wild

  • One offer for the Travel Club up and running, two special offers coming up in early July 2015
  • Many news items in various media produced
  • Big Jump and big fish migration route prepared