Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

Rewilding partners

A new legal entity has been set up in Sweden – the Rewilding Lapland Foundation – to lead the initiative. Rewilding Lapland is the Rewilding Europe main partner organisation in Sweden, and will responsible for establishing local partnerships. Rewilding Lapland has its own Board and will hire a local team that will be responsibly for the day-to-day work on rewilding, business development and communications.

Currently the main local partners are: Udtja & Girjas Sami communities, and local association for the Pite River (Pite Älv Ekonomisk Förening) and the Råne River (Degerselsbygdens Samfällighetsförening). Other important, current partnerships include the Norrbotten County Board (Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten), Swedish Lapland, local municipalities (e.g. Arvidsjaur), the Swedish Tourist Association (Svenska Turistföreningen), the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (Centrum för Biologisk Mångfald), and the Grimsö Wildlide Research Station (Grimsö Viltforskningsstation).

Pite Älv Ekonomisk Förening

Svenska Turistföreningen

Grimsö Viltforskningsstation