Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

Achievements to date

Thanks to a generous grant from the Swedish Postcode Foundation in November 2015 to Rewilding Europe, a combination of field, economic development and marketing work can start supported by of a new Swedish legal entity – the Rewilding Lapland Foundation set up in Jokkmokk.

Reindeer herd in Lapland

Reindeer herd in Lapland
Carl-Johan Utsi

Rewilding Lapland builds on three years of active preparations by Rewilding Europe. The Swedish Ecotourism Society (Svenska Ekoturismföreningen) nominated the area in 2012 to become one of the showcases for rewilding in Europe. This served as the beginning of a process of assessment and establishing relations with the local communities, municipalities and regional actors. Particular attention was given to the Sami community because of their long historical presence in Lapland and their unique use of land and water anchored in a deep knowledge of how nature works. This process was finalised in the autumn of 2015 with the agreement on several pilot activities.