Making it Real

Today, and for many years to come, we have a strong emphasis on putting our vision into practice on the ground. We want to make it real. Therefore, “Making it real” has become our internal working slogan. For the benefit of nature and people.

European bison (Bison bonasus) Bialowieza, Poland

Stefano Untherthiner / Wild Wonders of Europe


For the benefit of Nature

 We mean that man ought to leave nature more to do its own job, and that wildlife has a crucially important role in that process. There is also an obvious need to find good win-win solutions with local land owners, land managers, land users and business owners, so that all feel they can be winners from the rewilding actions. Therefore we have started to develop some strategic initiatives and innovative tools to help the rewilding process move forward more rapidly:

• Securing land for rewilding, ranging from community conservancies and Natura2000 management contracts, to agreements with hunting associations and cooperation with private landowners.

• Initiating the “European Wildlife Bank”, to provide rewilding areas with missing wildlife. Using the reproduction rate of the wildlife as an ‘engine’ for scaling up rewilding and making receiving partners more responsible for good wildlife management.

• Making wildlife recovery plans for Europe’s mega-fauna species, starting with European bison, European wild horse and Tauros/aurochs.

• Setting up the “European Rewilding Network” to exchange knowledge and experiences between the existing and upcoming hundreds of rewilding initiatives across Europe, in order to help create and enhance a rewilding movement in our continent.

• Using our select 10 rewilding areas as showcases for rewilding

• Setting up ‘best hunting practices’ with the local hunting communities to work together on improving wildlife numbers, develop wildlife watching, create no-take zones and ensure sustainable hunting practices.

• Develop key partnerships with leading wildlife institutions on species like European bison, vultures, aurochs, wild horses and large carnivores in Europe, to support the comeback and recovery of these species in Europe’s ecosystems.


For the benefit of People

We mean that rewilding will provide clear benefits for entrepreneurs, individuals and communities. We mean that there will be new ways to earn a living, because of the wild values that emerge. That a new kind of countryside economy is in the making. Therefore, to help the rewilding process move forward more rapidly, we have started to develop some strategic initiatives and innovative tools for business development and communications:

• Support the development of rewilding enterprises, creating incentives for local entrepreneurs and business people to generate income and jobs based on the new wild values.

• Setting up “Rewilding Europe Capital”, REC, a new loan finance fund, accessible for rewilding enterprises, that allows for attractive loans and a small grant system to support local entrepreneurship.

• Setting up Europe’s first safari investment company, to support the development of accomodations and destination-building within the 10 select rewilding areas.

Creating and expanding the “Rewilding Europe Travel Club” stimulating the development of quality nature tourism and marketing the 10 select rewilding areas as attractive tourism destinations.

• Helping develop wildlife watching facilities and businesses, so that wildlife watching becomes an important economic activity locally.

• Reaching a wide European audience through a broad range of communication tools. Promoting the pride and “Joy of the Wild” and the rewilding of Europe.

• Working together with the “Wilderness Entrepreneurship Programme, to involve young people in the rewilding movement.