What is Rewilding Europe and what are we up to?

To put it simply, we are working to make Europe a much wilder place. A continent that allows for much more space for wildlife, wilderness and natural processes. Because we believe this is good for man and nature alike.

We believe that all kinds of landscapes, from city centres to wilderness areas, can and need to be rewilded. Not all of them becoming pure wilderness of course, but all habitats can become quite a bit wilder. Including all areas under different levels of legal protection. If the level of ”wildness” could be measured on a scale from 0 to 10, where zero is a city centre and 10 a remote wilderness, we would like to see all of Europe move up a notch or two or three along that scale. This we believe is completely possible, it is really mainly about which attitude we humans choose to have to the wild beings and places.

We are focusing our efforts on ten selected areas in Europe, where we are helping our local partners to make those areas considerably more wild than before. Even areas who might be seen as “wilderness” already. We mean that even our wilderness areas need to be rewilded, because there is hardly even one large area in all of Europe, which is allowed to function naturally by itself, without detailed human “management”. We believe that wild nature, wild beings and natural processes are necessary and good for both man and nature. We think that we simply need more of that. Therefore, we help to bring back the Variety of Life, our Biodiversity, so that we can all be able to better enjoy it. We also believe that there is a solid business case for the wild values and we are working hard to prove that in real life.

You are very welcome to join us in that effort.

Making Europe a wilder place. For the benefit of man and nature alike.