Arne Loth

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Arne is now based in the UK, pursuing a Master’s degree in Biodiversity Conservation. From a young age onwards, he has always had a strong affinity for wildlife, and numerous trips to his family’s holiday home in rural Sweden impressed upon him the beauty and magnificence natural Europe has to offer.

Before he chose conservation as a career path, Arne studied English and American literature in Germany, Canada, and the UK. As a result of this background, he is particularly interested in the intersections of nature conservation, language, and literature, and in helping to raise awareness about biodiversity and rewilding outside the scientific community.


James Whiteman
James Whiteman

Born north of London, James’ formative years were spent travelling much of Europe, and Southeast Asia, including riding up the length of Vietnam on a Honda motorcycle and looping back through Laos and Cambodia.

After earning a History degree from the University of Southampton in 2010, the two-wheeled obsession continued on his next expedition, this time riding solo from Buenos Aires into Chile, up through Bolivia and Peru, and finally to Ecuador with an incredible week in the Galapagos.

Two years working as a freelance travel writer and in marketing wildlife voluntourism ensued, as did a trip to Namibia where James was first bitten by the ‘Africa’ bug. James next spent two months writing for an ecolodge in India’s Jim Corbett National Park, before three months in Botswana, based in the Okavango Delta, as marketer and photographer for a helicopter safari company, before returning to London and the luxury travel sector.

Keen on bringing his passion for the wild home, James is now assisting Rewilding Europe with communications and the Travel Club.

Elodie Terrier

Originally from Normandy in France, Elodie has studied in Paris and Montreal to earn a Master of Sciences in Engineering. Now based in France, Elodie is passionate about wildlife and wilderness in general. Her typical holidays are in the mountains and deserts, hiking and rock climbing. Over the last 10 years, Elodie has founded two non-profit organizations for nature protection and wildlife conservation – she is still managing one of them.

Currently pursuing a part time MBA in London, Elodie has worked in marketing and strategy roles for about four years, attempting to influence corporate strategic planning for reduced impact on the environment. Keen on investing a lot more time in nature conservation, Elodie provides support to Rewilding Europe, among others, for the coordination of the Rewilding Europe Circle.