The Foundation

The legal set up of Rewilding Europe is a foundation under Dutch Law, established 28 June 2011. The foundation has also created a limited company (Rewilding Europe Ltd), which is fully owned by the foundation.

The Senior Management Team of Rewilding Europe in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area, May 2014.

The Senior Management Team of Rewilding Europe in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area, May 2014.
Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe


The management responsibility of the foundation and limited company is with an Executive Board of two directors: Frans Schepers (Managing Director) and Ilko Bosman (Business and Finance Director).

The daily business is taken care of by a Senior Management Team, consisting of the Executive Board members, Wouter Helmer (Rewilding Director), Deli Saavedra and Alexandros Karamanlidis  (both Regional Managers).

Rewilding Europe has established a Supervisory Board in September 2012, which has the overall responsibility for the initiative. Currently, the Supervisory Board has four members: Wiet de Bruijn (chairman, Netherlands), Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente (Spain), Lena Lindén (Sweden) and Paul Jepson (UK).

Apart from these formal structures, Rewilding Europe currently has two Special Advisors: Princess Laurentien van Oranje and Claude Martin.

The Central Team of Rewilding Europe consists of the Senior Management Team and operational staff, working on different issues. These are all passionate and experienced professionals with different expertise and backgrounds, working from different European countries. Conservation, communication and business development are key competencies both at the programme and the rewilding area level. The Central Team is organized in four main components:

  • General management: Frans Schepers, Ilko Bosman, Violeta Giurgi, Annette Mertens and Dana Bezdickova
  • Rewilding: Wouter Helmer, Deli Saavedra, Alexandros Karamanlidis, Mei A. Elderadži and Yvonne Kemp 
  • Enterprise development: Matthew McLuckie and Simon Collier
  • Marketing & communication: Daniel Allen, Susan Wright, Kristjan Jung and Mei A. Elderadži

However the main capacity of Rewilding Europe is in the rewilding areas. All areas have a dedicated Rewilding Area Team Leader and technical and communications staff in place. All the biographies of the board members, Central Team members, rewilding area Team Leaders and Special Advisors are presented on the website.