Special advisors

In June 2011, Rewilding Europe has been formally established by registering a foundation and a limited company in The Netherlands. An Executive Board of Directors is active and is responsible for daily management of the organization. A Supervisory Board has been established in spring 2012. Apart from these formal structures, Rewilding Europe has also established a small and dedicated team of Special Advisors. Such Special Advisors have a specific role in supporting Rewilding Europe with their skills, expertise, reputation and networks. Special Advisors can represent Rewilding Europe at specific occasions to external audiences and assist in relationship building with key partners and (potential) donors.

Key areas of expertise that Special Advisors bring to the table are conservation, marketing & communication, business & finance, science and policy-related expertise.

Currently there are two Special Advisors for Rewilding Europe: Princess Laurentien van Oranje (The Netherlands) and Dr. Claude Martin (Switzerland). For their biographies and roles in building our initiative, please read below.

Princess Laurentien van Oranje

Dr. Claude Martin