Rewilding Europe Circle

Vance G. Martin
Vance G. Martin
Colorado, United States

With the return of wild nature currently underway in Europe, Rewilding Europe is positioned at the cutting edge of 21st century conservation, addressing challenges and creating solutions to an opportunity that has never-before occurred on a continental scale. Simply put, we have the chance to show that wild nature and human society can evolve together as a “new community”, engendering mutual benefits, health, and prosperity for all life. To do this within the world’s most densely populated continent has the highest potential for conservation meaning, method, and message. It is a great privilege to be part of the Rewilding Europe team.


Vance G. Martin has been President since 1983 of The WILD Foundation, a US-based, global conservation not-for-profit originally founded in Africa by Ian Player, and established as a US-based organization in 1974. He has worked or lived in over 60 countries, implementing WILD’s global conservation vision of Nature Needs Half™ while connecting between the headquarters in Colorado (USA) with WILD projects and partner organizations throughout North America and around the world.

Since 1983, he has been International Director for the World Wilderness Congress, WILDs flagship project that is now the world’s longest-running, public, international conservation project. In working to promote and strengthen the understanding that wild nature is fundamental to a healthy and prosperous human society, his working emphasis is that cultural awareness and relevance are equally important, as are the tools of science and policy.

Working with leaders in government, business, communications, and the arts – in both “western” and traditional cultures – he is committed to a collaborative approach in crafting positive and effective conservation solutions that protect wilderness, wildlife and people, and that honour the spirit of nature and humankind.