Rewilding Europe Circle

Julian Popov
Julian Popov

We have already urbanised, industrialised and overexploited large territories of our habitat. In our current and future world protecting the environment is not enough. We have to recreate the lost nature and interact with the world around in a new way. Rewilding Europe offers a new path for our relationship with the environment. This is a way of complementarity and integration rather than overexploitation and confrontation. Rewilding Europe is not just an initiative for recovery of lost nature. It is a way of thinking and behaviour that goes far beyond the several designated areas.


Julian Popov is a Fellow of the European Climate Foundation, Chairman of the Building Performance Institute Europe and a founding Member of the Governing Board of Sofia Platform, an organisation that brings together government and civil society leaders from transitional democracies. He was Minister of Environment and Water in the 2013 caretaker government of Bulgaria.

Julian was the founding Vice-Chancellor and is current member of the Board of the New Bulgarian University, one of the top-3 universities in Bulgaria (13,000 students) and former Chairman of the Bulgarian School of Politics (working with senior politicians and civil society leaders from South East Europe, Western Balkans and North Africa). He cofounded the Tunisian School of Politics (established following the Arab Spring) in cooperation with the Council of Europe and Dutch and Finnish Governments. Since 1997 he has been Honorary Treasurer and Director of the UK charity Friends of Bulgaria where he is involved in raising funds and supporting disadvantaged children in Bulgaria.

Julian is author of two books and co-author of other two and has published a large number of comment articles on EU environmental, energy and climate policies, EU enlargement and sustainable development in leading international media (Financial Times, The Independent, BBC, Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, Gazeta Wyborcha, EU Observer, European Voice and others).

Julian Popov is based in London, United Kingdom.