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Hannes Jaenicke
Hannes Jaenicke

I am excited to be a member of the Rewilding Europe Circle that shares a new conservation vision for Europe with wild nature and natural processes as key elements. I like to help Europeans re-discover and re-connect with wild nature and wild species and regain their sense of pride about the European natural heritage. Having the opportunity to continue sharing my passion and knowledge about environmental problems and nature conservation in Europe and being a part of the solution gives me a sense of personal contribution to Europe’s nature and people.


Hannes Jaenicke is a successful actor, known and appreciated for many movies, television films and series in Germany. Besides TV cameras and theatres, he is also committed to a very different role. He uses his popularity to draw attention to the ruthless exploitation of nature. With reports, films and photographs he informs the public about the need to protect endangered species such as orang-utans, gorillas, polar bears, lions, elephants and sharks. He has managed to introduce topics of nature and environmental protection to a wide audience, successfully cautioning the viewers and attracting attention. With his numerous documentaries, talk show appearances, interviews and books, he makes a decisive contribution to raising awareness of people about the natural species, environmental and consumer protection.

Hannes is strongly committed to various nature conservation and environmental protection topics and created numerous award-winning environmental documentaries. Hannes Jaenicke co-produced the award-winning ZDF documentaries “Working for …” on polar bears, sharks, gorillas, elephants and lions. These documentary series joins the highly successful broadcast about rainforest destruction and endangered orang-utan, clearly showing the relationship between environmental destruction, species extinction and our consumer behaviour. One of the prominent documentaries is the ARD / WDR “Bruno’s brothers” (2013) about the “problem bear” Bruno and the coexistence of man and nature. He has been the narrator of the film

Moreover, in his books he writes about the severe threats to our environment and by pointing out the core problems, he raises the awareness of his readers. He published his first book in September 2010: “Anger is not enough – How can we protect the earth from us “. The book was listed on the Spiegel bestseller list. In the year 2013 he published his second book, “The Great “Volksverarsche” about the ways the industry and the media manipulates people.

In addition, he is committed to charitable organizations such as the Christian Blind Mission (CBM), the Tibetan human rights group International Campaign for Tibet (ICT), Amnesty International (AI) and Greenpeace.