Legal information

Stichting Rewilding Europe
Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen
Chamber of Commerce 53036123
RSIN 850717863

Phone: +31-6-30543387

Executive Board:

Supervisory Board:

Objective of the foundation

Rewilding Europe Foundation has the objective of, in particular but not exclusively, stimulating (having stimulated), in association with local organisations, the return and expansion of wild nature and wildlife in Europe, as well the stimulation of nature and landscape development, on the basis of natural processes and for the benefit of society.

Under the foundation, Rewilding Europe has also established Rewilding Europe B.V. Which is a limited liability corporation setup under Dutch law and registered in the Netherlands. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rewilding Europe Foundation and has been established for the purpose of carrying out or participating in any future commercial activities, which may be relevant to our projects and overall rewilding objectives. Furthermore, it is used to execute activities that may impose certain liability risks, to prevent the capital of the foundation to be exposed to this risk. Income through the limited company is only to be used by the single and 100% shareholder (the foundation) to contribute to its objectives. As such, the limited company is meant to be a funding mechanism for the foundation, to create a certain level of financial sustainability in the long term and mitigate the risk of liabilities. The management responsibility and governance of the limited company is statutory linked to the foundation as its sole beneficiary, owner and director.

Reward policy

The members of the supervisory board do not receive remuneration, neither directly nor indirectly, for the activities they carry out. They are, however, entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them within the performance of their position and approved by the executive board. These reimbursements are made clear and are further elucidated in the annual report. The reward for directors and other employees is determined by the Supervisory Board in accordance with guidelines of the Vereniging Fondsenwervende Instellingen.

Rewilding Europe’s plan

Rewilding Europe’s policy and action plan are included in our brochure, which can be downloaded here. This document outlines the setup of the foundation, it’s objectives and activities and how it raises and spends funds. The Strategic Plan 2017-2019 of Rewilding Europe Foundation can be downloaded here.

Financial reporting

Rewilding Europe’s annual review, which includes the financial annual report, as well as the main achievements is published on the website. The latest report can be downloaded here.