Rewilding Europe Endowment Initiative

Name of ANBI
Stichting Endowment Rewilding Europe

RSIN/Fiscal number

Chamber of Commerce number

Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen

Contact person
Violeta Giurgi

Purpose of the foundation
The purpose of the Rewilding Europe Endowment Initiative is to support and facilitate the Rewilding Europe foundation (RSIN 850717863) and its activities, to provide supporting service in that respect and furthermore all that is related to or supportive of this in the broadest sense of the word. The foundation does not aim to generate a profit.

Reward policy and governance
The board of the foundation will not receive any compensation for their activities, other than reimbursement for basic expenses directly related to their activities for the foundation, as per the guidelines in the board protocol. As per the statutes of the foundation, the board members are tasked with the governance of the foundation and are allowed to represent the foundation. Formal representation is always conducted jointly by two board members, as per the statutes of the foundation.

Strategic plan
The Endowment initiative’s policy and action plan can be downloaded here. This document outlines the setup of the foundation, it’s objectives and activities and how it raises and spends funds.

Board of the foundation
Frans Schepers – Chairman
Wouter Helmer – Secretary
Ilko Bosman – Treasurer

Financial report
Annual review