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Dear Rewildind Europe Travel Club members,

See the first two offers in our spring 2014 draw. More travel offers and the date for the next draw will be published here within shortly.


“Abruzzo, Italy's wild heart” – for one person
Wildlife Adventures, Italy

Five days to see and enjoy one of the most interesting zones in Italy, the only one where bears, the biggest predators of the peninsula, still live. Crossing secular beech woods, highlands we will observe the wild animals in their own habitat. This experience is the right occasion to better know also the Apennine wolf an extraordinary predator, which has been demonized and driven to extinction over the centuries. The local people are justly proud of this magnificent region and offer a warm welcome to all who come here. Let’s not forget the delicious Abruzzo cooking and the good Montepulciano wine. During the five days, you will join several wildlife watching sessions (with the possibility to see bear, wolf, deer, golden eagle and wild boar); hike in Abruzzo; visit an agricultural farm and learn how cheese is made, and join a photo tour. On offer for the Rewilding Europe Travel Club is 5 days/4 nights tour. See here the full program.


Birdwatching in Grande Briere, the second largest marshland in France – for one person
Brittany Wildlife Tours, France

Brittany a land of unspoilt salmon rivers, scrubland, heathland and forest is surrounded by warm emerald coloured oceanic waters... Brittany’s wildlife is amazingly diverse due to the range of landscapes and habitats found in this north western region of France.  Armorique - the old Breton name for Brittany, meaning the ‘Land of the Sea’ – covers some 27,000 square kilometres of the French continental land area and it is regarded by naturalists across Europe as a prime haven for wildlife in France. The famous Gulf of Morbihan (meaning the little sea ) is a fantastic inland sea incredibly rich in sealife providing food for fishermen and huge numbers of waders and seabirds. The salt pans of the area attract numerous species of wading birds avocets, black winged stilts, snipe, redshanks, golden plovers and many more all year round residents and also as passage migrants. The forests at Huelgoat full of mystery and folklore is a beautiful place to discover underground gorges and giant granite boulders and a fantastic variety of birds, butterflies and dragon flies. Not far from the forest is the small town of Brennelis where the Brittany’s only family of beaver exists at the present time. On offer is 6 days/ 5 nights trip. See here more information.