Rewilding Europe

Welcome to the Rewilding Europe Travel Club!

What is it?

It is simply a club for people from all over the world who like nature travel, who would like to know more about where one can do that in Europe, and who would also like to have the chance to possibly win really exciting nature holidays here – at no cost!

Why have we started it?

Because we wanted to connect the many keen nature travellers with the many great local and international enterprises who do their best to make the most charismatic wildlife and nature experiences in Europe accessible to a wider audience.

How do I become a member?

It is extremely easy, please just register here.
Bring in all your friends and relatives too!
We need your name and your email.
We need you to tick the box saying that you are OK with us keeping your contact details in our database, sending you our newsletter and allowing us to use your quote below.
You also need to answer the four questions below.
We will not spam you or give your details on to anyone else.

What can I win?

There is a very nice selection of European nature holidays to win. There will be many, many more nature holidays to win over the years to come.

When is the draw taking place?

The fifth draw is planned for spring 2014, when randomly selected winners will be drawn from all the members in the club. We will announce the winners shortly after that.

Will I be sent a notice?

All winners will be sent notice via the email that they have registered here, as soon as the winners have been drawn. If the winner’s email address doesn’t work, we will instead draw a new winner for that prize.

If I win a nature holiday here, what is included?

The local arrangement on location, as it is described on the web page link, but not the travel to get there and back.