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How can you support Rewilding Europe?

Rewilding a continent takes a lot of work, funds, help and support. Of many kinds, by many people and from many levels and entities. So, you are all strongly needed, to help us make Europe a wilder place. Everyone can pitch in and do their bit.

Fallow deer stags in evening light

Fallow deer stags in evening light
Florian Moellers / Wild Wonders of Europe


We welcome contributions of all kinds – volunteer and pro-bono work, donations, joint PR and marketing efforts, commercial investment, grants, media coverage, presentation possibilities at conferences and seminars, land and rights donations, practical services, sponsorships and business partnerships.

Maybe you yourself or your organization or company would be interested? If you have the desire to make a difference for wildlife, wild nature and wilderness in Europe, we would really like to talk to you about it.

How could you help in making Europe a wilder place?

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Donation details

You can choose to donate through the tax-efficient funding structures that have been set up for Rewilding Europe in the Netherlands, as a not-for-profit foundation. For further information on donations to Rewilding Europe, you are welcome to contact us. We will do everything we can to match your support with your ideas and desires.

Or maybe just donate the amount you feel you can, right here, right now:

  • Travel Club
Casa da Cisterna: expanding the business thanks to rewilding

Casa da Cisterna, a boutique bed & breakfast in the Western Iberia rewilding area was the first beneficiary of Rewilding Europe Capital (REC). Ana Berliner and António Monteiro, owners and managers of this fantastic Bed & Breakfast had the chance to expand their project thanks to the REC loan in 2014.

The Bed & Breakfast, located in the historic village of Castelo Rodrigo, one of the most well preserved rural villages in the region, opened to the public in 2004 with four bedrooms. Ten years later, due to great demand, Ana and António decided to expand the Bed & Breakfast and renovated a neighbouring house. Now they offer five more bedrooms than before, where tradition, elegant design and modern functionality come together beautifully, to provide guests with a unique experience.

“With the support of the Rewilding Europe Capital we could attain the co-finance needed for the expansion of Casa da Cisterna,” says Ana Berliner. “Besides infra-structure, it enables us to increase our energy efficiency.” Casa da Cisterna now has an ecological heating system – a heating pump – and solar panels for heating water, reducing the electricity consumption.

“In 2014, the occupation rate of visitors from Central Europe increased 35%,” Ana says. “Some visitors also came through the Rewilding Europe Travel Club. Rewilding Europe, with their different approaches – from funding to promotion – are great partners, supporting the growth of our business.”