What is Rewilding Europe and what are we up to?

Well, to put it simply, we want to Make Europe a wilder place. It means a Europe that allows much more space for wildlife, wilderness, wild lands and natural processes, than we are used to from before All kinds of landscapes, from the city centre to the wilderness can and need to be rewilded. Not all of them becoming wilderness of course, but all can become a bit wilder and so do natural areas at all levels of protection. If wildness could be measured on a scale from 0 to 10, where zero is the city centre and 10 the remote wilderness, we would like to see all of them move up a notch or two or three, along that. This is completely possible, it is only about attitude. Even our wilderness areas need to be rewilded, because there is hardly even one larger area in all of Europe, which is allowed to function naturally by itself, without human management in detail. We believe that wild nature and natural processes are necessary and good for us all. We simply all need more of that. We want to bring back the variety of life, our Biodiversity that is, for us all to better. We even think that there is a business case for it and we are aiming to prove it in real life!