Rewilding Europe

Partnerships are key to us

We are fortunate and happy to already be working with a number of strong, active and really committed partners, which you can find presented under the headlines on the left. Their firm support has taken us to where we are now and they are committed to remain engaged for years to come.

However, Europe is large and the combined rewilding effort in front of us is no less than huge. We need several more strong partnerships and on several different levels, in order to fully succeed. Rewilding Europe would hereby like to invite all willing and able parties to join us in this our almost epic effort.

We warmly welcome you on board.

On location, Rewilding Europe works through a series of carefully selected local partners and side by side with local communities, land owners, land managers, traditional land custodians, NGOs and other vitally important stakeholders in order to reach our ambitious goals. If you are a local stakeholder, active in or near the rewilding areas, we appreciate your input and engagement.

Maybe you would like to join or support the efforts of the local rewilding team?

Our method for teaming up with others is to try to find common ground and win-win solutions that will fit as many as possible, in order to make rewilding a reality on the ground.