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Announcing a WILD partnership

We are happy to announce that the ongoing cooperation between Rewilding Europe and the WILD Foundation has now been formalized in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This MoU was signed by Vance Martin, president of  the WILD Foundation, and Frans Schepers, Managing Director of Rewilding Europe, on 5 November 2011. But of course it is not the MoU, but the spirit, the positive working relationships and the ‘click’ between the two organizations at the institutional and the personal level that motivates this more formal step.

The WILD Foundation started its history in Africa and then established a United States based non-for-profit organization in 1974, based in Colorado. The WILD Foundation works for wilderness, wildlife and people in the United States and throughout the world  and is the founder and steward of the World Wilderness Congress.

Rewilding Europe and the WILD Foundation have a lot to offer to each other, as we have complementary programmes in our mutually fields of endeavor of making Europe – and the world – a wilder place than it is now.

We have identified a number of key areas where we will cooperate, the main one being the 10th World Wilderness Congress – WILD10 – which will be held in Salamanca in Spain in October 2013, very close to the Western Iberia rewilding area (for a first announcement see the WILD website). Rewilding Europe is a member of the  WILD 10 Executive Committee and will take a very active role during WILD10. We have some very ambitious plans together with the WILD Foundation to ensure that WILD10 will give a very strong boost to rewilding activities in both Europe and elsewhere. The opportunities are many!

Apart from WILD10, we see other opportunities to work together, among others the sharing of networks, learning of rewilding examples from all over the world, joint fundraising and mutual promotion.  Rewilding Europe is looking forward for a continued, warm and inspirational cooperation with the WILD Foundation. Together we will work hard to promote a new conservation vision for Europe, achieving practical results for the return of wild nature and wildlife in and outside the rewilding areas, and for new economies based on the wild values.

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Casa da Cisterna: expanding the business thanks to rewilding

Casa da Cisterna, a boutique bed & breakfast in the Western Iberia rewilding area was the first beneficiary of Rewilding Europe Capital (REC). Ana Berliner and António Monteiro, owners and managers of this fantastic Bed & Breakfast had the chance to expand their project thanks to the REC loan in 2014.

The Bed & Breakfast, located in the historic village of Castelo Rodrigo, one of the most well preserved rural villages in the region, opened to the public in 2004 with four bedrooms. Ten years later, due to great demand, Ana and António decided to expand the Bed & Breakfast and renovated a neighbouring house. Now they offer five more bedrooms than before, where tradition, elegant design and modern functionality come together beautifully, to provide guests with a unique experience.

“With the support of the Rewilding Europe Capital we could attain the co-finance needed for the expansion of Casa da Cisterna,” says Ana Berliner. “Besides infra-structure, it enables us to increase our energy efficiency.” Casa da Cisterna now has an ecological heating system – a heating pump – and solar panels for heating water, reducing the electricity consumption.

“In 2014, the occupation rate of visitors from Central Europe increased 35%,” Ana says. “Some visitors also came through the Rewilding Europe Travel Club. Rewilding Europe, with their different approaches – from funding to promotion – are great partners, supporting the growth of our business.”