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  • What do rewilding and art have in common?

    1. October 2015

    Today, Rewilding Europe and the Artists for Nature Foundation have officially started cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. Both organizations have identified synergies and complementarities between their vision, mission and activities and have agreed to explore working together. Combining art and rewilding – at a first glance this is maybe an unexpected connection, but if …

  • European Commission supports vulture conservation in Rhodope Mountains

    23. September 2015

    The European Commission has approved the LIFE proposal “Conservation of Black and Griffon vultures in the cross-border Rhodope Mountains”, developed by Rewilding Europe in partnership with Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/Birdlife Bulgaria, WWF Greece, Vulture Conservation Foundation and Hellenic Ornithological Society/BirdLife Greece. The project will focus on the recovery and …

  • Webinar: European Rewilding Network about how to restore food chains

    22. September 2015

    On September 17th, the seventh web-based seminar of the European Rewilding Network took place and this time members from several rewilding sites in Europe discussed how to restore food chains and the ways rewilding contributes to this. The webinar specifically addressed the crucial importance of dead animals in nature and consequently the chances for scavengers feeding …

  • Conservation Award for Rewilding Director Wouter Helmer

    18. September 2015

    Today, Wouter Helmer, co-founder and Rewilding Director of Rewilding Europe, received a prestigious Dutch conservation award, the ‘Groeneveld Award’ (Groeneveldprijs) at the Groeneveld Castle in Baarn, the Netherlands. The award council report describes Wouter Helmer as ‘an instigator of modern ecology, a brilliant and connecting thinker and a great communicator’. The Groeneveld Award, active since …

  • Pioneering investment and business partnerships for nature-based economies

    9. September 2015

    Rewilding Europe Capital (REC) is Europe’s first ‘rewilding enterprise’ funding facility that provides development loans and business support to new and existing businesses that look for opportunities created by the emerging rewilding movement across Europe. In its first stage, covering less than two years, REC supported 16 enterprises in four different countries (Portugal, Italy, Croatia …

  • European Commission supports bison reintroduction in the Southern Carpathians

    4. September 2015

    The European Commission has approved the LIFE proposal “Urgent actions for the recovery of European Bison populations in Romania”, developed by Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania to support the reintroduction of the European bison into the Tarçu Mountains Natura 2000 site in the Southern Carpathians rewilding landscape. The funding will be used to build a …

  • 18 newborn European bison in the European Rewilding Network areas

    25. August 2015

    Between March and July this year, in total 18 European bison calves have been born in European Rewilding Network (ERN) member areas. These (semi-) wild new-borns add up to the total number of 5 555 individuals registered in the European Bison Pedigree Book (December 2014).  The European bison is still listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the …

  • New publication – sharing practices on natural grazing in Europe

    13. July 2015

    Today, Rewilding Europe launches a new publication focusing on sharing practices on natural grazing as a key ecological process. The publication ‘Natural Grazing – Practices in the rewilding of cattle and horses’ will help rewilding initiatives from all over Europe to learn and adopt some of the latest lessons and practices on setting up and …

  • Newborn bison calf enjoys wild nature in Southern Carpathians

    3. July 2015

    Ten days ago, one of the females from the founder herd of the European bison roaming the Tarcu Mountains for over a year now, gave birth to a healthy calf. The now 7-year-old female bison arrived in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area in Romania in May 2014 as part of the reintroduction and rewilding initiative …

  • Rewilding Europe presents working definition of ‘rewilding’

    24. June 2015

    The term ‘rewilding’ is being recognised and acknowledged more widely and more frequently in Europe, while many initiatives and organisations have started to use this term. But what is ‘rewilding’ and how do we like to use it in the European context? It is for this reason that we have developed a working definition of ‘rewilding’ …

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