Rewilding Europe

Achievements to date


  • A lot of effort was spent this first year of rewilding in the Danube Delta to ensure that the rewilding project is firmly anchored in two main communities in the delta, and with the relevant authorities at several levels.
  • A key concept that we have started to develop in the Danube Delta is the creation of one or two community wildlife conservancies, along-side reintroduction of species, and with wildlife tourism providing income to these communities. This will allow for developing several different rewilding enterprises that start providing jobs and income to the people who live here. The rewilding area is focusing on the outer parts of the delta mainly.


  • An MoU has been signed between the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (DDBRA) and WWF Romania about the development of the rewilding area.
  • Endorsement from DDBRA and the Romanian Forestry Department to carry out necessary studies about reintroduction and restocking of missing wildlife species.
  • Feasibility studies for the reintroduction of beaver and deer subcontracted to ICAS research centre at the Brasov Wildlife Department.
  • Pre-reintroduction social survey done about local attitudes towards beaver re-introduction in the area.


  • Clear steps and regular meetings for setting up a Community Conservancy in Sfantu Georghe and CA Rossetti municipalities brought mutual trust in and knowledge of the Rewilding Europe initiative.
  • Geographical boundaries of the possible conservancies in Letea and Sfantu Georghe identified in collaboration with local stakeholders.
  • First inventory of the existing local businesses and other operating businesses in Sfantu Georghe, which is important information to the establishment of a community conservancy.
  • Training sessions and lessons learned used to promote wildlife watching.


  • Rewilding Europe promoted through website and social media.
  • International media are discovering the Danube Delta through Rewilding Europe’s connections (for example Swedish TV).
  • Photo mission completed delivering high quality imagery of the Danube Delta.
  • Major local outreach through the ROWMANIA festival in Tulcea has been a valuable opportunity to promote Rewilding Europe in the Danube Delta capital.